for High Achieving Career Women

I built this for us.

HI! This is a place for YOU to be YOU!  

This is a space to find other BADASS women

 looking to RISE and THRIVE in life and business. 

Picture walking into a room of amazing women that greet you with love and respect AND also care as much about your success as you care about your own so they challenge you in all the best ways. 

Come in, get to know each other, Be KIND, Be GENEROUS, Be COURAGEOUS, Be YOU!

This is The Badass Women's Council. 

We're even more BADASS now that you're here!

We're wired for CONNECTION and yet we can be so busy achieving we don't make the time to find and support each other.  This is your space to find meaningful connection and then meet in real life to share in each other's stories.  Reach out and schedule time with people you meet here and we'll host some events too!

A Special THANK YOU and shout out to the 

FOUNDING members of the Badass Womens Council: 

Alex Perry Ruffato, Emily Sutherland, Erin Fischer, 

Jennifer Robbins,  Lindsay Boccardo, Nicole Busch 

These women showed me the power of intentionally connecting and standing tall in our stories. These women filled a void in my life I didn't know I had until they filled it with their love, their talents, and courageously challenging me to be more of my best self.  That's BADASS. 


This is for BADASS women out to use your unique gifts and talents to change the world. 

This community got even more BADASS because you are here. 

When you stand tall in your story, we all benefit! 

Here you'll get content created and curated especially for you in a shared language of  the high achieving woman. There will be online events, live events, podcast and video content. And mostly you will have each other to contribute, ask questions, and meet in real life!  

The more you engage, the more tailored the content becomes to your local area and your topics of interests, for you to get exactly what you need. 

Hey, I'm Rebecca Fleetwood Hession, your host.  

I've been the top sales person and the mom crying in her closet.  I've lived in a mobile home and a 23 acre estate. I've seen the joys of marriage, kids and the brutal realities of divorce. Through it all, I've learned the power of community and how much easier the shit times are with good people around you and how much more fun it is to toast in celebration with people that know how hard you've worked to get there.  Together is absolutely better.  I'm glad you're here. 

"I SEE you, I AM you, I LOVE you."

This is my "why" and my purpose.  I'm a connector. I built this for us.

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